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Card Systems has been helping businesses in the construction industry increase revenue since 1993. They help you to optimize and streamline payments whether you are processing credit cards, electronically capturing checks or just needing to simplify your payroll and vendor payments. Make your collection process easy, fast and secure. They have you covered!


Online Payment Gateways

Flexible credit card and ACH processing allows you to accept transactions in a multitude of ways.

  • Take payments online, over the phone or on your mobile device
  • Stop chasing clients for payments
  • Schedule payment plans
  • Streamline invoicing and accounting
  • Access our online payment gateway from anywhere
  • Electronically present and collect payments
  • Manage field crews to create accountability and increase revenue


Mobile on-the-go Processing

Collect payments anytime, anywhere. Great for in-home or on-site estimates, quotes or full collection.
Take the worry and paperwork out of the collection process.

  • Accept EMV, chip, swipe or contactless
  • Works with any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Secure end-to-end payment
  • E-mail or text receipts and go paperless
  • Manage field crews to create accountability and increase revenue


Automate with Level III Processing & Save

Our Level III processing system can save you money by automatically enhancing the transaction.

  • Significantly reduce rates charged by Visa and MasterCard for processing the transaction
  • Qualify for lower costs on Corporate cards
  • Save anywhere from 0.50% to 1.35% on certain commercial transactions
  • Qualify for “Large Ticket Interchange” – big savings to businesses with very large transactions that are prevalent in the B2B and B2G arenas
  • Easy to read reporting available to you and your customers


Surcharging the Sale

The practice of charging a small convenience fee for the privilege of using credit cards is commonly used in many countries, and in 2013 surcharging became legal in the US.

  • ZERO COST credit processing solution
  • Ensures your surcharge rate is properly disclosed and transparent
  • Eliminates the entire cost of accepting credit cards
  • Your customers can choose a no-fee option
  • Increase your bottom line


Card Systems understands the unique challenges faced by Contractors and they are here to help with creating efficiency through automation. Contact them today at 866-207-3298 or


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